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Amy helped me greatly with whiplash and a hip injury from a car accident I had in 2010. The way she utilizes her knowledge of the body, and the compassion she adds to the massage treatment, is very healing. I felt safe and in good hands while having her treatments. I highly recommend her. There are only a few massage therapists who have the gift that Amy does. — Gloria D., Albuquerque, NM

Amy is a highly educated, highly skilled massage therapist who is able to serve a wide variety of massage clients. She is not only versatile in style, but also caring and supportive of one’s healing process. Only the best massage therapists can claim finesse as part of what they offer a client, and Amy has that in spades. Being a fellow practitioner of the art, I have learned quite a bit from her over the years, and always admire her high degree of professionalism. — Christina J., Albuquerque, NM

In 2005, I had 3 months of radiation and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. Four years later I am cancer-free, although the radiation significantly damaged my throat and neck.  I have been getting monthly massages from Amy for over a year.  She beings by massaging my body, which is very relaxing.  The final 20 minutes are spent on my neck and face.  Her sensitive and firm massages have helped me realize how much tension is stored in the muscles of that region.  Not only is the massage physically relaxing, there is an almost overwhelming emotional experience of “It’s all right now, I’m not going to be hurt or damaged anymore”.  The session usually ends with tears running down my cheeks.  In addition to the physical relaxation (which is great), Amy’s massage permeates the emotional healing so important following cancer therapy.  — Warren B., Albuquerque, NM

I love my massage treatments by Amy Zampella of Heartline Massage Therapy.  She has a way of relieving my pain and tension by giving a well rounded massage that is relaxing and therapeutic. She utilizes many modalities of massage and listens to the client to achieve the positive results of total client satisfaction.  I have never left one of Amy’s massage treatments feeling disappointed.  — Gaylene G., Tijeras, NM