We are very happy to be providing much needed bodywork during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a quick summary of some of our new procedures. For more detail see the 3 documents below.

What we are doing to keep you safe:

  • The massage table & face cradle padding and warmers are covered with a medical grade barrier that is disinfected between each client.
  • We are laundering all linens on the sanitize setting of our washing machine.
  • We are disinfecting treatment room surfaces between each client (chairs, doorknobs, light switches, oil bottles, tools).
  • A 4-stage HEPA filtration unit with UV light is operating in the treatment room during sessions and boosted to turbo between sessions.

What we expect of you:

  • If it’s your first appointment back, complete the Covid Intake Form.
  • Call when you arrive: 505-255-2203. We will give verbal approval for entering the office.
  • If you are NOT vaccinated, wear a face covering to your appointment and during the massage session. We can discuss face-down options for unvaccinated individuals such as “pillow pocket” for enhanced breathing. Face coverings not required in the office for vaccinated individuals.
  • Please wash or sanitize your hands when you arrive, prior to your session.
  • Let us know if you are not feeling well, there is no cancellation fee for illness at this time.

Letter to All Clients – New Office Procedures June 1, 2020

Covid Intake Form – all clients must complete

COVID-19 Sanitation Protocols


Celebrating over 23 years in practice!

Since 1999, Amy Zampella of Heartline Massage Therapy has been providing highly skilled therapeutic massage and bodywork in a compassionate, safe, and nurturing environment.

The office is located inside Heartline Wellness Center in the northeast part of Albuquerque. We are proud to tailor each session to the client’s needs, not just a routine massage, but an effective treatment for stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, and repetitive use injuries.

In addition to the physical benefits of your treatment, you will experience settling of the mind, grounding, and letting go of negative thoughts.  Expect to float out the door! Screen-Shot-2016-06-05-at-7.28.03-PM